Early years in a family environment

The first formative years are very important to you and your child. Whilst a nursery or playgroup has the advantages of a significant peer group, this is not a 'one size fits all' solution and many parents prefer the stability and 'substitute family' environment a childminder can provide.


Welcome to our Childminding website

We've been childminding since our second daughter was born in 1977 and many of our children have stayed with us from 6 months until they are old enough to go home by themselves after school. Currently we have two sets of twin brothers aged 8 but we no longer look after the under 8 age group.

We work between 7:30am and around 7:00pm, are well used to handling train delays etc, and can drop-off and pick-up from Auriol School.

Contact us by email if you'd like to visit and discuss childminding with us.




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