Robin Gould (C)o

My aim is to make life a little easier for those who find modern technology a little 'challenging'. Maybe you're thinking of getting your first computer, or perhaps need help in getting it to work at all! Or maybe you're wondering how technology can help you, maybe getting a website going, going broadband, or getting your thoughts into 'Word' the way you want them to look!

I specialise in working 'one to one', and I'll always tell you my charges in advance (and stick to them!) Below you'll find links to websites I've created or developed, which should give you an idea of my work - hardly cutting edge, but perhaps that's not what you want? Whether it's websites, hardware or anything else computer related, I'm happy to listen and offer a few suggestions, without obligation.

Bandol Flat
A flat owned by a friend of mine and mainly let to friends. 'Commercial' lets are possible, and there is an on-site agent in this pleasant seaside town in the South of France.
Stoneleigh Methodist Church
Our local church with a relaunched website providing current and archive information in a lively way.
SBM Crafts and Cards
After her first child (my Grandson Harry!) was born, my daughter started creating mementos for herself and others - have a look.

K Plant
A local plant hire company in Norfolk - always happy to help

Stoneleigh Baby Massage
My daughter's Baby Massage courses - very popular amongst new mums and a great way to communicate with your baby in the first few months
Wizard Woodcraft
My brother in law's site showing the range of craft-work in wood created to order from his workshop in Norfolk.
We've been childminding for over 30 years now, with many of our children staying from 6 months until secondary school. Ofsted registered of course.
Margaret Holmes
My first foray into publishing written work - these verses and thoughts are from a local resident and are available for use in Church magazines.

Email me for more information and, while you're here, this version of the Google Internet search uses Safesearch to exclude any 'undesirable' results.